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Prof (Dr.) Ashok Kumar Gupta


Greetings and welcome to The Bagula Mukhi Group of Institutions. What a thrill and pleasure it is for me to be the new principal. In Madhya Pradesh, Bagula Mukhi Group is one of the best emerging colleges. People recognize Bagula Mukhi Group for its commitment to excellence, both in education and in advancing knowledge. That reputation—and, in fact, everything that Bagula Mukhi Group is today—comes from the efforts, contributions and achievements of hundreds of people.

This year, I encourage you to face and overcome the obstacles blocking your success. If you need help, ask for it. You can find my contact information below. I am always interested in hearing your thoughts about where you would like to see Bagula Mukhi Group of Institutions be in the next five years—and your ideas about what we need to do to get there. The discipline of showing up every day, maintaining a good attitude, and trying your best is a winning combination for success.  I challenge you to be a social change agent for our group community! Again, it is truly an honour to be the Principal of this tremendous group of institutions.

My best wishes to all the students of Under Graduate and Post Graduates courses.

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