Executive Directors
Executive Director : Kapil Tiwari .
Message : In the field of education since the time immemorial there exists a controversy that whether the teacher are born or their made by acquiring certain specific skills. The fact is, if teacher is considered as a skill then its competence will be determined by the inherent attributes the teacher. The innate attributes in realty emphasized on the concept, which considered that teachers are born, while the acquired attributes considered the teachers are made.With this background we look forward to play a role in the development of the career of the students.
Executive Director :Nitin Kansliwal
Message : In the present competitive scenario when the employees demand is not only entrepreneurial abilities but also abilities to face the challenge by taking new initiative, the responsibilities for technical institution are much more increases. The growing modernization has resulted unprecedented economic growth, and in turn the demand of well educated, fully trained technocrats has increased. We are committed to impart quality education and career orientation programs to match challenges and job requirements of our students. "We wish a bright and prospective future to all the students

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