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Ar. Rohit Giri

The Bagulamukhi College of Architecture & Planning, at the Mugaliya Kot, Islam Nagar, Vidisha Road Bhopal, set up in 2010, has always been focused on the dynamism of creative ideas, path-breaking innovation and immaculate implementation in the realm of Architecture. It is one of the higher education institutions, under the Maa Bagulamukhi Education Research Training & Devepoment Society (MBGI). Our Commitment at Bagulamukhi College of Architecture (BMCA) is to provide a safe and intellectually challenging envirnoment that will empower students become innovative thinkers creative problem solvers and inspired learners prepared to thrive in twenty first century.
Our institute is offering one of the best Course (B.Arch.) which is in demand of time. Construction boom and Interior Design is need of time in most of the developing nations like India.We have developed quit a unique program by opting which a student can establish his or her career to a new heights.

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